Discover the Best Caravan Parks in India

Caravan parks are a type of accommodation that allows travelers to park their caravans in designated areas for overnight stays. These parks are equipped with various amenities to provide travelers with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. If you are looking for a unique and exciting way to explore India on wheels, booking a stay at a caravan park is a great option.

1-25 persons
Caravansite | Campsite

Bhivegaon, Pune Region Maharashtra. Worth Noting: Traditional Huts | Forest Food | Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary | Waterfall

1-100 persons
Caravansite | Campsite

Palghar, Konkan Region Maharashtra. Worth Noting: Forest Treks | River Hikes | Nature Walks | Warli Art | Adventure Activities

1-100 persons
Caravansite | Campsite

Wakan, Konkan Region Maharashtra. Worth Noting: Rifle Shooting | Kayaking | Archery | Nature Walks | Camping Games

1-50 persons
Caravansite | Campsite

Murshet, Nashik Region Maharashtra. Worth Noting: Boating | Camping | Games | Mountain Views | Trekking | Waterfall Hikes

1-100 persons
Caravansite | Campsite

Panchgani, Pune Division Maharashtra. Worth Noting: Sunrise and Sunset Points | Valley Views | Cave Exploration | Cycling Trails

1-30 persons
Campsite Only

Satara , Pune Region , Maharashtra. Worth Noting: Windmill Treks | Indoor Games | Nature Walks | Fishing | Swimming

1-100 persons
Caravansite | Campsite

Karjat, Nasik Region, Maharashtra. Worth Noting: Rifle Shooting | Kayaking | Archery | Nature Walks | Camping Games | ND Studio

1-70 persons
Caravansite | Campsite

Kankadi, Konkan Region, Maharashtra. Worth Noting: Kayaking | Trekking | Marleshwar Waterfall | Hot Springs | Rajwadi Fort

1-80 persons
Caravansite | Campsite

Panshet Backwaters, Pune Region, Maharashtra. Worth Noting: Sunset Point | Sunrise Point | Nature Walks

Types of Caravan Parks Available

Different types of caravan parks are available in India, ranging from rugged and comfortable to luxury. Some caravan parks cater to budget-conscious travelers who prefer a simple and affordable stay, while others offer a lavish experience with premium amenities and services. 

Some parks are located in scenic spots, such as near beaches or in the mountains, while others are situated near urban centers, providing easy access to nearby attractions.

Things To Do

Some of the things you can do while staying at these caravan parks to enhance your overall experience are:

  • Play board games
  • Enjoy the local food
  • Watch the sunset
  • Stargaze
  • Bonfire
  • Fireside sing-along
  • River crossing
  • Nature walk
  • Trekking
  • Team games
  • Rain dance with music


  • Day Pass
  • Camping Pass
  • Meals
  • Adventure activities
  • Accommodation