Have a caravan for hire?

If you’re looking to rent your caravan, you’ve come to the right place. Renting with us is easy and convenient as we offer you an added bonus of setting up your own terms and conditions. From the booking, to the collection and return of your caravan too. With our offerings of curated CaravaanLife “Select Holidays” and DIY customer-created trips, there will be plenty of takers for a holiday on wheels in your caravan. All you have to do is pack and relax, then sit back and enjoy the extra income.

What should your caravan have?

Your caravan will be used by groups of friends or families to travel to varied destinations. Your caravan should have:

  • A capacity of housing a minimum of 2 adults.
  • Living, sleeping, kitchen, toilet and shower facilities, and other amenities
  • Appropriate registrations and permits
  • Curtains or blinds
Simply add your pick-up and drop-off details, the make and model of your caravan, and your cancellation policy. Set the price and availability that works for you and get going.

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Have a campsite for hire?

We can help you unlock your campsite’s potential. With a team having an extensive background in touring, we know everything there is to know about the outdoors, safety, and more importantly our customer’s expectations. We look forward to providing you with a great partnership experience.

What should your site have?

Your property will be used by our guests to park their caravans so they can enjoy the great outdoors with a rewarding experience. Here’s what we look for in a campsite or a caravan park:
  • A motorable road that safely and easily leads to the campsite and its parking space for the caravan.
  • Sufficient space within your campsite specifically allocated for parking of caravans: these spaces must have a scenic view overlooking a river, mountain, cliff, or more, for caravan guests.
  • You need to provide level parking spaces, not sloping: so that more than just one caravan and their travellers can easily park at your campsite and have a comfortable stay.
  • Space for caravan travellers to pitch tents if they choose to do so, and stay at the campsite.
  • Basic kitchenette, toilet and shower structure for our crew and caravan travellers to use.
  • Your campsite should be able to provide 230V AC (15 Amp) power and water for each caravan.
  • A secure and safe location with local caretakers.
  • Things to do within and around the campsite location like treks, cycling, bird-watching, games, and more, or tourist attractions like beaches, national parks, or heritage monuments.
  • Bonfire set, BBQ grills, outdoor chairs and tables, cycles, and a small generator – would be an added advantage.
  • Permissions to legally operate a caravan campsite must be obtained from any relevant authorities like the panchayat.
Apart from the above, simply set the price and availability that works for you, and you are ready.

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