About Us

We wanted to make holidays on wheels possible for everyone, without the fuss

That’s why we created CaravaanLife as a way to go anywhere without leaving behind who you love most – with a caravan, the safest friend and family getaway vehicle.

Caravanning gives you that sense of freedom from your everyday life, adventure as an extended camping expedition and an escape from the crowded cities. It’s like going on an extended camping expedition with your friends or family, away from the crowded cities, hustling crowds and the general stress of everyday life – all in total comfort.

Our caravan holidays give you and your fave people complete control and freedom to go where the wind takes you. It’s not just the drive, but the scenic pitstops we’ve planned for you. This is where our caravan community steps in – to give you all the tips and shared experiences of what to expect. 

We believe in sustainable tourism. So, as a way of traveling mindfully and thoughtfully, we put back what we take out – because the world’s most beautiful places demand nothing less.










Meet The Team

A love for road-tripping, for all things wild and natural, and a passion for creating
unforgettable memories – these are the threads that string our team together. Say
hello to the caravaners 🙂

Anulika Arsiwal

Founder & CEO

Founded CaravaanLife to share the joy of affordable and safe caravan holidays, Anulika is on a mission to “never settle, keep exploring” thereby democratizing Caravan tourism in India. Doesn’t look like she is stopping anytime soon.