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Circuits2 Nights 3 Days | Ex PuneSpiritual Expedition through the Hidden Gems of Maharashtra

Spiritual Expedition through the Hidden Gems of Maharashtra

2 Nights 3 Days | Ex Pune


Are you prepared for an idyllic 3-day escapade? This Select Holiday Circuit will take you on a journey to explore historical citadels like the Panhala Fort, intriguing temples including the Mahalaxmi temple, Shree Velaneshwar Mandir, as well as serene beaches like the Hedvi beach, Guhagar beach, and more in Kolhapur, Ambaghat, and Velaneshwar.

As you traverse through the picturesque riverbanks and tranquil lakes, your caravan will be greeted with an unspoiled hill station sanctuary exclusively reserved for you. All of this while enjoying the refreshing coolness of the 500-meter high altitude, ranging between 20°C to 25°C.

Complete your adventure by embarking on a spectacular caravan drive through the magnificent mountains and an unforgettable visit to the Jyotirlinga. This expedition promises to uncover some of Maharashtra’s hidden jewels, making it an unforgettable experience.

Select Holiday Inclusions:

Embark on a 3-day, 2-night Select Holiday circuit from Pune, starting with a trip to the historic cities of Kolhapur and Velaneshwar/Guhagar before returning to Pune. The base pay for the circuit starts from around 15,000 rupees per day, including the caravan booking and camping charges at caravan parks.

Caravan Options:

Choose your preferred caravan from the Plush Force Temp Traveller or the Luxury Force Traveller based on availability and the number of persons in your group. The base pay for the caravans starts from 12,000 rupees. Additional charges apply upon the purchase of add-on facilities.

  • Plush Force Temp Traveller: With a fully functional bathroom, an induction kitchen, a sofa cum bed, an AC, a TV, a music system, mobile charging slots, WiFi, and other amenities, this axel caravan has been modified into a luxurious motorhome. Additionally, it boasts ample storage, openable windows, and an extra AC that can run on an external supply.
  • Luxury Force Traveler: The Luxury Force Traveler is a luxurious caravan with a plush living room, fully equipped bathroom and kitchenette, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. It also features a 360-degree rooftop camera, AC, TV, music system, WiFi, and mobile charging slots for a memorable getaway. Additionally, amenities such as camping gear, linen, microwave, openable windows, electric water heater, and barbecue are included, and the caravan runs on an external power source.
  • Comfortable Siddi Caravan: The Comfortable Siddi Caravan is your compact and cozy travel home designed to enrich your journeys. Break away from routine, waking up to new surroundings every day, with the capacity to venture into remote wilderness. Equipped with a versatile interior, it houses convertible furniture, including a sofa bed and bunk beds for five people. A well-equipped kitchenette stands ready with an 8kg LPG cylinder, a stove, and essential utensils. The caravan comes with home-like comforts: a TV, air conditioning, charging points, storage compartments, a private washroom, and outdoor amenities like camping chairs and a moonroof. This mobile home is also pet-friendly, so your furry friends can join the adventure.

Choose your Caravan Park: 

Embark on an unforgettable journey and select your perfect caravan park, where nature’s wonders meet comfort and adventure. The base pay for staying at the caravan parks starts from 2,800 rupees and increases with the purchase of meal passes, activity passes, and additional amenities like tents, cottages, dorms, etc.

A Hillside Escapade, Kolhapur: Escape to a picturesque campsite in Chinchewadi, Maharashtra, surrounded by lush greenery and historical landmarks. Enjoy elite camping with activities like cycling, trekking, and cave exploring. Relax in comfortable accommodations, take in stunning sunsets, and stargaze with loved ones. Rest easy with amenities such as charging points, water refilling, and clean facilities. Bring your furry friend along for a fulfilling adventure.

Inclusions: Day Pass for caravan parking, Camping Pass with meals and activities, and various accommodation options available.

Achrekar Farm House, Ambaghat: Hidden away 2 kilometers from the main road lies a slice of paradise known as Ambaghat Caravan Park’s Achrekar Farm House. The farm cottage room offers a peaceful respite from the stresses of everyday life. We pride ourselves on providing comfortable accommodation and delicious food made to order. Adjacent to the property lies one of Amba’s most famous tourist attractions, Sada Point.

Nestled amidst verdant evergreen mountains, Achrekar Farm House offers a breathtaking panoramic view that is sure to take your breath away. The camping area is equipped with all the essential amenities required for a memorable camping experience. As the jungle envelops our property, guests may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of wild Gaurs (Indian Bison), Peacocks, hornbills, and other feathered friends from the campsite itself.

In addition to immersing yourself in the serene natural surroundings, our property offers an array of activities for those looking to have some fun. Guests can enjoy a trek, nature walk, or safari. The camp amenities include drinking water, charging points, dumping stations, water refilling points, toilets, campfires, barbeque grills, fridges, and first aid kits, and pets are also allowed. Come experience the tranquility and adventure that awaits at Achrekar Farm House!

CaraQuest Perks:

  • Your caravan comes with a professional driver and a skilled cleaner, ensuring a hassle-free journey.
  • Enjoy a complimentary tent and tables, so you can relax and unwind in comfort.
  • Fuel your mornings with a delectable breakfast spread, including cornflakes, milk powder, tea bags, bread, and eggs.


  • The cost includes the caravan rental and caravan park stays at Ambaghat and Velaneshwar/Guhagar.
  • Driver and helper costs are included in the package.
  • Exclusions include fuel, toll, and transfer charges from the caravan to the pick-up location, which will be paid separately.


Day 1: Pune to Kolhapur

Upon your scheduled arrival, your caravan, accompanied by its driver, will pull up to your doorstep. Once you’ve settled in, prepare yourself for an exhilarating CaraQuest. Ensure your phones are within reach, for there will be countless photo opportunities to immortalize on the ‘gram.

Traversing a distance of 235 kilometers, the journey from Pune to Kolhapur will consume approximately 5 hours.

En Route Kolhapur

In Kolhapur, there is an abundance of must-see attractions. Here are a few worth stopping by:

  • Mahalaxmi Temple: Constructed entirely from black stone, the Mahalaxmi Temple holds significant historical and religious value in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The deity’s idol is carved from a single block of stone, measuring three feet in height.
  • Panhala Fort: The majestic Panhala Fort is a sight to behold, as it is steeped in the rich history of Maharaja Chhatrapati Shivaji. Visiting the fort is a must to witness firsthand the history within the fortified walls and marvel at the Teen Darwaja’s beauty.
  • Rankala Lake: The perfect spot to unwind, Rankala Lake is nestled in the heart of Kolhapur. An evening visit is ideal for a leisurely stroll around the lake, basking in the beauty of the sunset.
  • Maharaja’s Palace: A sight to behold, the palace’s vast expanse is adorned with its pond, brimming with water. Note that mobile phones and cameras are prohibited inside, and shoes must be removed before entering. Plan to spend roughly an hour here.

Day 2: Ambaghat to Velaneshwar/ Guhagar

Your expedition to Velaneshwar will be ready with your caravan and diver prepped to transport you from Ambaghat. The journey is a 120-kilometer drive, which will take approximately 3.5 hours to complete.

Noteworthy Destinations

As you embark on this journey, there are a plethora of activities that await you in Velaneshwar. The village is located 70 km from Ratnagiri district on Maharashtra’s western coast.

The area is famous for its rock-free beach, which is a major attraction for visitors. Additionally, the Ganesh Mandir is a must-see destination near Hedvi, as is the Laxmi Narayan Temple, Hedvi Beach, and Shree Velaneshwar Mandir.

If you seek a picturesque water spot to soak up the beauty of nature while swimming and sunbathing, Velaneshwar is a wonderful picnic spot. The refreshing green coconut trees and rock-free water only add to the allure of this stunning location.

Guhagar is another destination to explore during your journey. This city is famous for its beaches, betel nut, coconut groves, and Alfonso mangoes. The scenery is nothing short of breathtaking, with a popular tropical paradise beach. Guhagar Beach is known for its appeal as the perfect destination for beach holidays, and there are various other attractions for tourists to enjoy as well. You can find resorts, homestays, and campsites at the beach to stay the night closer to the tranquility of the sea.

Day 3: Velaneshwar to Pune

Your journey from Velaneshwar to Mumbai is bound to be eventful, with plenty of sights to see along the way. You will be driven by the assigned driver in your caravan for a 141-kilometer journey that is estimated to take around 4 hours.

While exploring the beautiful city of Chiplun, located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, you will have plenty of exciting things to see and do. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the 300-year-old Parshuram Temple, the Walavalkar Shivaji Museum, and the Marleshwar Temple, all of which are popular tourist spots. Additionally, you can enjoy the stunning views of the Koyna Dam, and visit the Siddhivinayak Temple of Ganapati in Donavali and the Sawatsada Waterfall, which are both popular monsoon attractions. For those interested in history, the Gowalkot Fort, located just 10km from Chiplun, is a must-visit destination. 

Further, along your journey, you’ll come across Bhor. You can visit the Bhatghar Dam, the Jungle Hood Amusement Park, and the Necklace Point here. These are just a few of the many attractions that await you on your drive to Mumbai. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your caravan ride!

The Select Holiday Circuit is an unforgettable holiday experience that takes you through some of Maharashtra’s most beautiful and diverse regions. From the cultural richness of Pune to the serene beauty of Velaneshwar, this circuit offers something for everyone.

Whether you are seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural exploration, you will find it all in this circuit. The vibrant cities of Pune and Kolhapur are full of history and modernity, while the serene villages of Ambaghat and Velaneshwar offer a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

So pack your bags, hit the road, and embark on a memorable caravan journey through this beautiful region of Maharashtra.

As we prepare for your upcoming adventure, take some time to relish in the memories of your experiences. Share those precious moments with us by posting your photos on Instagram, and remember to tag us so we can join in on the fun!

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