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Circuits1 Night 2 Days | Ex Aurangabad / Ex PuneA Nature Wonderland Amidst Fireflies in Maharashtra

A Nature Wonderland Amidst Fireflies in Maharashtra

1 Night 2 Days | Ex Aurangabad / Ex Pune


Experience the beauty of Maharashtra like never before with the Aurangabad-Bhandardara Select Holiday Circuit. This unforgettable adventure takes you on a caravan ride to the highest peak of Maharashtra, Kalsubai Peak, with stops at the magnificent Amruteshwar temple, a stunning fort, and breathtaking waterfalls, including the Umbrella Falls and Randha Falls.

From riverbanks to dreamy lakes like Arthur Hill Lake, your caravan will be the perfect home base for all your explorations, with a thrilling trek to “Maharashtra’s Grand Canyon” waiting just for you. Don’t miss the chance to witness the magical synchronous flashing of fireflies at the Bhandardara Fireflies Festival and add a touch of magic to your journey!

Select Holiday Inclusions:

  • Embark on a delightful Select Holiday that begins from Nashik and takes you to the scenic destinations of Bhandardara and Shirdi before concluding back in Nashik. 
  • This two-day and one-night trip promises a memorable experience filled with stunning landscapes, cultural discoveries, and exciting adventures.
  • The base pay for the circuit starts from around 15,000 rupees per night, including the caravan rental and camping charges at caravan parks.

Caravan Options:

Choose your preferred caravan from the Plush Force Temp Traveller, the Luxury Force Traveller, or the Comfortable Siddi Caravan based on availability and the number of persons in your group. The base pay for the caravans starts from 12,000 rupees. Additional charges apply upon the purchase of add-on facilities.

  • Plush Force Temp Traveller: With a fully functional bathroom, an induction kitchen, a sofa cum bed, an AC, a TV, a music system, mobile charging slots, WiFi, and other amenities, this axel caravan has been modified into a luxurious motorhome. Additionally, it boasts ample storage, openable windows, and an extra AC that can run on an external supply.
  • Luxury Force Traveler: The Luxury Force Traveler is a luxurious caravan with a plush living room, fully equipped bathroom and kitchenette, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. It also features a 360-degree rooftop camera, AC, TV, music system, WiFi, and mobile charging slots for a memorable getaway. Additionally, amenities such as camping gear, linen, microwave, openable windows, electric water heater, and barbecue are included, and the caravan runs on an external power source.
  • Comfortable Siddi Caravan: The Comfortable Siddi Caravan is your compact and cozy travel home designed to enrich your journeys. Break away from routine, waking up to new surroundings every day, with the capacity to venture into remote wilderness. Equipped with a versatile interior, it houses convertible furniture including a sofa-bed and bunk beds for five people. A well-equipped kitchenette stands ready with an 8kg LPG cylinder, a stove, and essential utensils. The caravan comes with home-like comforts: a TV, air conditioning, charging points, storage compartments, a private washroom, and outdoor amenities like camping chairs and a moonroof. This mobile home is also pet-friendly, so your furry friends can join the adventure.

Choose your Caravan Park:

Select your ideal caravan park and embark on a journey where comfort meets adventure, creating memories amidst breathtaking landscapes and exciting activities. The base pay for staying at the caravan parks starts from 2,800 rupees and increases with the purchase of meal passes, activity passes, and additional amenities like tents, cottages, dorms, etc.

Hidden Lakeside Luxury, Aurangabad: Experience the untamed beauty of Aurangabad, Maharashtra, as you drive your luxurious caravan to this campsite. Immerse yourself in nature’s magic with serene lake waters, lush greenery, and stunning forest views. Enjoy activities like mountain hikes, nature walks, nearby attractions, cricket games, rain dances, live music by the bonfire, and more. The campsite provides essential amenities, including first aid, water, power supply, showers, toilets, and BBQ grills. Create unforgettable memories with your loved ones at this all-year-round destination. Choose comfortable tent accommodations and savor delicious meals.

A Lakeside Love Affair, Bhandardara: Experience the ultimate adventure-filled getaway at Lakeside Love Affair Camp, Maharashtra. Park your caravan by the stunning Bhandardhara Lake and immerse yourself in scenic vistas, refreshing swims, starry nights, waterfalls, valley views, and delicious BBQ. Explore the natural trails, take a boat ride, and indulge in outdoor games. Trek to nearby attractions and witness the mesmerizing fireflies during summers. Enjoy the campsite perks of hygienic facilities, purified drinking water, and freshly prepared meals. This accessible campsite offers a memorable experience all year round.

A Village Life Stay, Aurangabad: Experience panoramic views, freedom, and adventure at this campsite near Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Disconnect and recharge as you explore hidden trails, village life, and local attractions like Daulatabad Fort and Ajanta & Ellora Caves. Enjoy activities such as nature walks, bullock cart rides, and star gazing. Indulge in warm hospitality and cozy up by the campfire while relishing delicious snacks. Bring your friends, family, and pets for an unforgettable camping journey with facilities like water, electricity, and comfortable tents.

CaraQuest Perks:

  • A professional driver will accompany you on this circuit, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey.
  • Enjoy a complimentary tent and tables, providing a comfortable and convenient camping experience.


  • The cost includes the rental of the Caravan and the stays at the Caravan Park in Bhandardara.
  • Please note that fuel, tolls, and transfers from the caravan location to the pick-up location are not included and will need to be paid separately.


Day 1: Aurangabad to Bhandardara

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey with Caravaan Life from Aurangabad to Bhandardara. Your caravan, accompanied by a driver, will arrive at your pick-up point. Settle in and prepare for a thrilling select holiday.

Along the way, there are many fascinating places to visit. Here are some must-see stops:

  • Kalsubai Peak: Nestled in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Kalsubai stands tall as the highest peak of Ahmednagar District in Akola Taluka. It boasts a summit of 1,646 meters, earning the moniker “The Everest of Maharashtra.”
  • Sandhan Valley: Nestled amidst the beautiful Bhandardara near Igatpuri, Sandhan Valley is a mystical valley with a carved dark and narrow rock-floored path that lies between two towering mountain ranges. For thrill-seekers, this valley offers a daunting trek route that is famously referred to as Maharashtra’s very own Grand Canyon, providing an adrenaline-packed adventure experience.
  • Amruteshwar Temple: Located in the scenic village of Ratanwadi, the Amruteshwar temple is an ancient Shiva temple boasting an impressive history that spans over 1200 years. The temple’s architecture is a testament to the incredible craftsmanship of the artisans of the time, featuring intricate rock carvings and mesmerizing paintings that add to its grandeur and beauty.
  • Bandardara Dam: A natural wonder just 12 km and 22 minutes away from Bari Village, the Pravara River Dam stands tall amidst majestic mountains and cascading waterfalls, beckoning visitors to experience its awe-inspiring beauty.
  • Umbrella Waterfall: As water gushes down from the Wilson Dam, it hits the naturally formed rocks below with such power that it creates an enchanting sight – the Umbrella Falls. The falls get their name from the umbrella-like shape the cascading water takes as it hits the rocks, creating a mesmerizing natural spectacle.
  • Wilson Dam: Situated in the heart of Bhandardara lies a marvel of human engineering, the Wilson Dam. Built over a century ago, in 1910, this awe-inspiring structure stands tall on the Pravara River and is a must-visit for any tourist in the area. But that’s not all, as the base of the dam boasts of a lush garden with thick greenery, towering trees, and babbling streams, offering a haven for nature lovers to bask in the serenity of their surroundings.
  • Arthur Hill Lake: Situated in a tranquil setting, a serene reservoir, verdant forests, and hiking trails envelop Arthur Hill Lake. It is a popular destination for boating, where visitors can appreciate the calmness of the lake while being surrounded by the lush Sahyadri mountain ranges.
  • Randha Falls: Immerse yourself in the natural wonder of the Pravara River as it plunges 170 feet into a breathtaking gorge, forming the third-largest waterfall in Maharashtra state. Take in the stunning views from the newly built wooden structures and foot-over bridges situated near the waterfall, offering the perfect vantage point to witness the beauty of the river Pravara. While you’re there, don’t miss the chance to explore the Ghat and visit the nearby Ghorpada Devi Temple.
  • Fireflies Festival: Experience a magical summer night at Bhandardara’s Valley of Shadows and Samrad Village, where millions of fireflies create a mesmerizing natural light show just before the monsoon. These bioluminescent beings twinkle and glow, bringing an enchanting ambiance to the surroundings. You can enjoy playing with these little creatures as they continue to amuse you throughout the night. Don’t forget to bring your cameras to capture this unforgettable sight, which is sure to leave you awestruck.

Day 2: Bhandardara to Aurangabad/Pune

On Day 2 of your caravan adventure, depending on your itinerary, you will be returning to Aurangabad or Pune. You can relax and enjoy the scenery from the comfort of your caravan as your designated driver takes you back to your starting point.

Along the way, you can make pit stops at local eateries or markets to try delicious local cuisine or purchase souvenirs to commemorate your trip. As you make your way back, you can reminisce about the fun and adventurous experiences you had at Bhandardara and plan your next caravan adventure with Caravaan Life!

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