If you thought
caravans were only meant for the wild, think again.

Remember the endless chats going into the wee hours of the morning, or the shared awe of that epic sunrise over the hills? Or those hours spent together just looking at the tide come in?

Recreate that same magic, joy and adventure – in a caravan. Loaded with all basics you need on an adventurous ride; the experience redefines the freedom you always longed for, with the flexibility you demand. It is designed to be as comfortable and safe for elderly parents as for children. Get ready to hit the road with a home.

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Plan your Caravan Holiday 

For all your favourite people, in one place

Choose your Route

A sight-seeing relaxed holiday, an adventurous trip or a pilgrimage, or all of it – pick what makes everyone happy.

Choose your Caravan

Don’t just watch the world go by. Hop in and drive off in a caravan with a capacity and facilities of your choice

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Between family vacations and weekend getaways, a third type of trip was born. Claim it from our array of well-planned packages.

Our Range of Caravans

For all your family or friends, in one place

We understand that you want nothing to come between your loved ones and their comfort. This is why our caravans come with beds, washrooms, and cozy living spaces. With capacities that go from two to ten people, these rides are made for families and groups of all ages. Drive yourself or get a driver if you like, and just sit back and enjoy the caravan life.

Unfortunately, no accommodations are available for provided parameters. Please try to select other dates.

Wide Network of
Caravan Parks and Camp Sites

For convenience, all along your journey.

There is only one you. That’s why your safety is topmost for us. Our widespread parks and camp sites are Government-approved, verified, and completely safe in fenced-off areas. Here, you’ll also find electricity, worry-free waste disposal and refilling of water to make your holiday better. Enjoy a good night’s rest, while your caravan’s essentials are taken care of.

Unfortunately, no accommodations are available for provided parameters. Please try to select other dates.


Add Exciting Activities to your Holiday

The caravan life is about stopping to smell the flowers. And starting up the engine to find new ones. From dazzling bonfire nights to catching your first fish, there are a host of activities ready for you at each pit stop – all this while keep safety at a premium.

Wild Life




Designed for the most important thing – making memories

Choose from scenic coastal drives, stunning wild adventures, peaceful lakeside retreats, and more. Each caravan route is designed differently and comes with their own unique perks – with one thing in common, happiness comes first. 

Unfortunately, no accommodations are available for provided parameters. Please try to select other dates.

More Caravan Magic

It’s time we have the time of our lives

The open road, a trusty home-on-wheels, and your favourite company. Read on for articles and ideas to see what more you need to make your caravan holiday even more enjoyable

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