The terms we, us, our, company refer to Caravaanlife and the terms visitor, you, customer, user refers to the user. Please read this page carefully. Terms and conditions are binding on all users of this website.

1. Caravans Parks: Terms and Conditions:

– Caravan parks can be booked for either camping or for caravan parking as per the requirement from the website.

– In all cases customers needs to abide by all campsite rules defined for caravan/camping as per the booking done.

– Customers need to park the caravan only at the designated parking space provided by the campsite manager. Customer may be denied entry from the park with no refund of the payment, if the campsite rules are not followed.

– Any damages to the Caravan Park either temporary or permanent, done by the customer will be fully reimbursed by the customer.

– Any Activity booked through is non refundable if the customer denies to do the activity for any reason on the spot.

– If customer gets injured or sick while attempting any activity booked through caravaanlife, Caravaanlife is not responsible. Customer is solely responsible for the same.

– Caravaanlife reserves the right for any last minute cancellation of the campsite booking due to any communal riots, natural disaster or circumstances beyond the control.

In case of any questions or complaints please reach out to us at [email protected] or call us on +91 735552747/67 

In addition to the above, Generic Terms and conditions listed at the below link are also applicable Click here for more details