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Circuits1 Night 2 Days | Ex Pune/MumbaiAlibaug Coastal Getaway: A Breezy Affair

Alibaug Coastal Getaway: A Breezy Affair

1 Night 2 Days | Ex Pune/Mumbai


Take a break from the busy city life with the Alibaug Select Holiday Circuit. This peaceful journey will transport you from Pune/Mumbai to the charming villages and beautiful beaches of Alibaug and then back again, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Immerse yourself in the coast’s beauty, explore historical forts, and unwind in cozy beachfront accommodations. This 2-day, 1-night itinerary offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, all within a short drive from Pune/Mumbai.

Select Holiday Inclusions:

  • This Select Holiday begins in Pune/Mumbai and takes you to the charming coastal town of Alibaug before returning to Pune/Mumbai.
  • This delightful 2-day, 1-night excursion offers an unforgettable retreat from the bustling city life as you explore the serene beaches and rich history of Alibaug.
  • The base pay for the circuit starts from around 15,000 rupees per day, including the caravan booking and camping charges at caravan parks.

Caravan Options:

Choose your preferred caravan from the Plush Force Temp Traveller, the Luxury Force Traveller, or the Comfortable Siddi Caravan based on availability and the number of persons in your group. The base pay for the caravans starts from 12,000 rupees. Additional charges apply upon the purchase of add-on facilities.

  • Plush Force Temp Traveller: With a fully functional bathroom, an induction kitchen, a sofa cum bed, an AC, a TV, a music system, mobile charging slots, WiFi, and other amenities, this axel caravan has been modified into a luxurious motorhome. Additionally, it boasts ample storage, openable windows, and an extra AC that can run on an external supply.
  • Luxury Force Traveler: The Luxury Force Traveler is a luxurious caravan with a plush living room, a fully equipped bathroom and kitchenette, and comfortable sleeping arrangements. It also features a 360-degree rooftop camera, AC, TV, music system, WiFi, and mobile charging slots for a memorable getaway. Additionally, amenities such as camping gear, linen, microwave, openable windows, electric water heater, and barbecue are included, and the caravan runs on an external power source.
  • Comfortable Siddi Caravan: The Comfortable Siddi Caravan is your compact and cozy travel home designed to enrich your journeys. Break away from routine, waking up to new surroundings every day, with the capacity to venture into remote wilderness. Equipped with a versatile interior, it houses convertible furniture, including a sofa-bed and bunk beds for five people. A well-equipped kitchenette stands ready with an 8kg LPG cylinder, a stove, and essential utensils. The caravan comes with home-like comforts: a TV, air conditioning, charging points, storage compartments, a private washroom, and outdoor amenities like camping chairs and a moonroof. This mobile home is also pet-friendly, so your furry friends can join the adventure.

Choose your Caravan Park:

Embark on an adventure where comfort and excitement intertwine at your chosen caravan park. Create cherished memories amidst stunning landscapes and engaging activities. The starting price for a caravan park stay is 2,800 rupees, with options to enhance your experience through meal passes, activity passes, and additional amenities like tents, cottages, and dorms.

A Beachside Adventure, Alibaug: Embrace the wilderness as you drive your caravan into the heart of Revdanda Beach, Alibaug. This campsite is a haven, reviving your senses and offering a myriad of ways to unwind or amp up your day. Enjoy delightful meals under the starry night, sway to the live music, release sky lanterns, or cuddle up for an outdoor movie. This place promises unforgettable moments.

Welcome adventure as you swing open your caravan doors. Swim, marvel at the sunset, enjoy a movie under the stars, or groove to the DJ’s beats. Try boating, engage in beach sports, take a leisurely walk, and connect with nature. This campsite guarantees a thrilling escapade.

Comfort doesn’t have to be compromised while on the road. This pet-friendly campsite ensures you have all the conveniences you need, from first aid kits, drinking water stations, refrigerators, charging and dumping points to showers with hot water. Stay connected with Wi-Fi, or relish the simplicity of a campfire, making use of the barbecue grills and picnic tables provided.

A Travellers Delight, Alibaug: Embark on an extraordinary adventure to this enchanting campsite near Alibaug, Revdanda Fort. Immerse yourself in nature’s beauty, wander along trails, witness breathtaking sunsets, and feel the refreshing breeze. Whether you seek relaxation or excitement, this campsite offers an unforgettable experience. Ideal for visits from January to May and November to December.

Indulge in thrilling adventures amidst the wilderness, lounge by the waterside, and set sail on a boat. Experience mesmerizing sunrises, gather around the campfire, and visit Revdanda Fort. With top-notch amenities, bring your loved ones and pets, and enjoy safety, delicious meals, and comfort.

Accessible by road, this campsite offers a range of experiences, including nature, music, movies, fort visits, stunning sunsets, and boating. Stay in cozy tents for an immersive camping experience. Let your luxurious caravan transport you to this magical haven of tranquility and wonder.

The Waterside Wonder, Alibaug: Experience the untouched beauty of Revdanda Beach in Alibaug at our extraordinary caravan holiday pitstop. Get ready to awaken your senses, let your imagination run wild, and be transformed by the unchanging wilderness.

Discover thrilling adventures around every corner, where you can indulge in boating, beach games, romantic moments under the starry sky, fort hikes, and DIY camping experiences. Enjoy the campsite perks, including first aid, safe drinking water, power supply, dumping stations, hot showers, Wi-Fi, campfires, sleeping bags, and picnic setups. Embrace this unique escape and create memories that will last a lifetime.

CaraQuest Perks:

  • Round-trip transportation from Pune/Mumbai to Alibaug in a well-equipped caravan.
  • 1-night accommodation in a complimentary tent.
  • Complimentary table for your convenience.
  • A dedicated driver and cleaner for a hassle-free journey.
  • Breakfast provisions, including cornflakes, milk powder, tea bags, bread, and eggs.


  • The package price encompasses the caravan rental, Caravan Park accommodations in Alibaug, and the services of a driver and helper. 
  • Please note that additional expenses, such as fuel, tolls, and transfers from the caravan location to the pickup point, are not included and must be covered separately.


Day 1: Pune/Mumbai to Alibaug

Your caravan adventure begins as the driver arrives at your doorstep, ready for you to embark on an exhilarating CaraQuest. Make sure to have your phones charged and primed to capture the picturesque moments you’ll encounter, perfect for sharing on your social media.

Traveling a distance of 150 km, the journey from Pune to Alibaug takes approximately 5 hours, while the shorter 123 km drive from Mumbai to Alibaug can be completed in about 4 hours.

Upon arrival, immerse yourself in the myriad of activities and sights that Alibaug has to offer:

  • Alibaug Beach: Stroll along the golden sands of Alibaug Beach, where you can bask in the sun, take a refreshing dip in the Arabian Sea, or relax and admire the picturesque surroundings.
  • Kolaba Fort: Discover the fascinating history of the 17th-century Kolaba Fort, an awe-inspiring island stronghold that can be reached by a quick boat trip from the shoreline of Alibaug Beach.
  • Revdanda Fort: Explore the ruins of the historic Revdanda Fort, built by the Portuguese in 1558. Wander through its ancient arches and walls while learning about the fort’s intriguing past.
  • Revdanda Beach: Unwind at the serene Revdanda Beach, where the pristine shoreline is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or watching the sunset over the Arabian Sea.
  • Kankeshwar Temple: Embark on a spiritual journey to the ancient Kankeshwar Temple, an important Shiva shrine nestled atop a lush hill. The trek to the temple offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape, making it a memorable experience.

Day 2: Alibaug to Pune/Mumbai

On the second day of your journey, delight in an array of activities and attractions that Alibaug offers before heading back to Pune/Mumbai. Your caravan and driver will be prepared for your return trip once you’ve had a fulfilling day of exploration.

  • Nagaon Beach: Start your day by heading to the tranquil Nagaon Beach, where you can bask in the sunlight, enjoy a relaxing walk on the coastline, or partake in exciting aquatic activities like parasailing and jet-skiing.
  • Korlai Fort: Venture to the historic Korlai Fort, a 16th-century Portuguese fortress perched atop a hill overlooking the Arabian Sea. Immerse yourself in the fascinating stories of its past and capture stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Korlai Beach: After exploring the fort, head down to the picturesque Korlai Beach to unwind and relax. Experience the soothing sensation of the soft sand and refreshing sea breeze while observing the waves breaking onto the shore.
  • Kashid Beach: Next, make your way to Kashid Beach, famous for its immaculate white sands and transparent azure waters. Take a refreshing swim or simply relax on the beach, listening to the calming sound of the waves.
  • Murud-Janjira Fort: Conclude your day of exploration with a visit to the iconic Murud-Janjira Fort, a magnificent 17th-century fortress on an island off the coast. Discover the intriguing history of this impregnable fort and marvel at the impressive architecture as you explore its well-preserved ramparts.

As the day comes to an end, board your caravan and enjoy a comfortable drive back to Pune/Mumbai, cherishing the memories of your captivating Alibaug adventure.

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